I knew that HTML was just the basic content or bare bones of a website, and that CSS was all the styling and color. Now, I know that you have to be very conscientious when writing your CSS code due to specificity. Also, HTML code needs to be nested properly. I learned that you can’t really have one without the other, and that Bootstrap helps you design a webpage much faster. I learned various shortcuts in my IDE too that helped save time. The most challenging part of this module would have to be designing the webpage to be mobile friendly. I struggled using media queries in my CSS, because I kept running into specificity issues. The code I had in my styling sheet that preceded the media queries was affecting how the page looked in mobile view. I had to go back and really get a better grasp on CSS specificity. The most rewarding part of this module was when I wrapped up my first project and it looked good on mobile view as well. It took much time and effort, but it was a great feeling to have it completed correctly. This curriculum really boosted my learning because it guided me to understand the material, rather than just doing it without pausing to comprehend.